Getting and Hiring A Modeling Agent

One of the most important things that a model will have to do is to find a good modeling agent. A modeling agent can either make or break a model’s career – finding a good modeling agent will make sure that you get the best modeling jobs and get the utmost exposure.


A modeling agent is an individual who is responsible for submitting your portfolio to various photographers and art directors. Modeling agents negotiate your fees and manages your booking schedules.

A lot of models get modeling jobs because of their modeling agents. If a photographer or an art director has a good relationship with a modeling agent, the agent’s recommendation may be highly considered.

Typically, a modeling agent charges 15-25% as commission for every booking he or she sets up for you.


There are various ways to find modeling agents and to contact them. A simple way is to search for modeling agents or agencies on the Internet. Most modeling agents or agencies have websites where they showcase photographs of their clients and place their contact numbers. Some websites even have a page for models who wish to apply online. Most of these online applications require that an aspiring model send in basic information, including vital statistics, and pictures of himself or herself.
Another way is to buy a directory containing a list of modeling agents and agencies in your specific area. These directories are usually sold by companies handling modeling products and information.
Certain modeling agents do not entertain phone calls – instead, potential models have to personally meet up with the agent in his or her office. Some agents schedule an open call, where various aspiring models can meet up and discuss with the agent. Models would have to bring their portfolios to the open call.


As a model, you can either choose to sign an exclusive modeling contract with an agent or do freelance modeling work. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.
Signing an exclusive modeling contract prevents you from accepting bookings from other modeling agents. The advantage to this would be that the agent can effectively maximize your schedule, since he or she handles all your work. The downside would be if the agent is unable to get you a modeling job.
A piece of advice to new models: be careful when signing long-term deals when you’re just starting out. These kinds of deals can sometimes weigh you down more than it can help you. Make sure that you are signing with a legitimate agent and that you understand the details of the contract.


The most important thing to remember is that modeling agents never ask for a fee up-front.

When meeting with a modeling agent, ask about which models he or she is signed with. Also request to view some of the works his or her models have worked on.
If you’re still wary about the modeling agent, contact the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) or the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) in your locality. You can ask them for a list of modeling agents who have signed up with them. Modeling agents who have are more likely to be legitimate. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau or the Models Guild if you have any complaints regarding the modeling agent.

Connections are worth a lot in the modeling industry – choosing your modeling agent is the first step to getting the right jobs, meeting the right people, and becoming famous in. Source:

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