What to Know Before Sending Your Work to A Professional Printer

If you want to produce a high quality publication, it is advisable to utilize a professional printing service. Professional printers help make your work more presentable and more enticing to potential customers. 
When sending your work to a professional printer, you have to first understand that what your work looks like on your computer is different in a lot of ways compared to what it will appear like once it gets printed. Here are some tips on what you should do to get the best out of your professional printing service. 


It would be a good idea to contact your professional printing service prior to even starting your design. Ask the basic differences between the computer image and the printed output, specifically with regards to the fonts and the graphics. By doing this, you will be able to design and modify your work appropriately. It is also important to agree on certain aspects of the printing, such as the quantity of the project, which paper and what trimmings to use, and the necessary deadlines. You may also want to ask the printing service for any recommendations to improve the printed publication or any suggestions on how to save money in the printing process. 


It is advisable to use CYMK as the color format for your work, instead of RGB or indexed colors. RGB formats usually produce better pictures on the computer, but result in lower quality prints. Try to avoid using special colors, since these colors will typically require an additional fee.

If you need to have images printed, save the images in EPS or TIFF format. These two formats ensure that the images have high resolutions. Also, most professional printing services are more skilled in these two formats, making last minute adjustments easier to accomplish. If you’d rather send the images in another format, such as JPEG or GIF, it is best to ask your professional printer regarding this first. 


Most professional printers work with PostScript Files, or what is commonly known as PDF files. There are several computer software programs you can use to convert other files to PDF files.


Presentation is a big part of a publication; thus, aside from the file itself, it is also necessary to determine the physical attributes of a printed work. Among other physical attributes, you can ask the printers for their selection of papers. Papers have different substances and weights. Typically, heavier paper is more expensive than lighter paper. If you will be mailing your work to other people, it will also be more expensive if you use heavier paper. 


There are several ways to deliver your work to a professional printing service. Portable storage devices, such as CDs and USB disks, can be used to transfer your files to the printers. If you’re busy to go to their office, you can also send your files online, via e-mail. However, larger files usually take a while before they can be sent and downloaded. Another way to deliver your work is by sending a master copy. The master copy should be printed in high resolution. 
Before sending your work to a professional printing service, don’t forget to ask what tasks they can do. If a professional printer can’t execute a specific task, they might be forced to send your work to a third party. This might cost you even more money. It is also a good idea to ask a professional printer on what types of publications they specialize in, such as books, catalogues or business cards. Try out various printing services, depending on what you need and what they do best. 

A final note: it is not a good idea to sacrifice the quality of your work in order to save money. Your work will reflect who you are and will determine whether you get clients or not. Don’t settle for anything less than what you want! Source: http://www.vstudios.us/

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