How to Get Modeling Jobs Tips

You’ve already built a professional portfolio, given out your resumes and composite cards, even found a good talent agency – but how do you get the modeling job that you want? Here are some tips on how to get modeling jobs.
PLAY UP YOUR FEATURESIn the modeling industry, it is not enough that you have […]

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How to Become A Model For Fashion Or Advertising Work

Before a model becomes a model, he or she was just an average person. How did they manage to go from obscurity to popularity? Here are the ways to do it.
ARM YOURSELF WITH KNOWLEDGEA good place to start is by reading. Not just modeling books or magazines, but also publications about fashion, grooming, health […]

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How to Avoid Scams

Scams are quite prevalent in the modeling industry. Fake talent agencies looking to prey on the dreams of aspiring models are abundant. When starting out in the modeling industry, it is important to be wary of such scams and take certain precautions when dealing with people in the business.
Typically, a person pretending to be […]

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Getting and Hiring A Modeling Agent

One of the most important things that a model will have to do is to find a good modeling agent. A modeling agent can either make or break a model’s career – finding a good modeling agent will make sure that you get the best modeling jobs and get the utmost exposure.

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