Erotic photography history

History of erotic photography refers to the history of the art and process of taking pictures of unclothed subjects. In the United States, all portraits from prior to January 1, 1923, have passed into the public domain. Most are in black-and-white, since they predate the 1935 invention of Kodachrome.
Early beginnings
Nude pictures prior to 1835 generally […]

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Glamor photography history

Glamour photography is the photographing of a model to emphasize the subject, instead of the fashions or products endorsed.
Standards of glamour photography have changed over time, reflecting changes in social morals. For example, in the early 1920s, USA photographers like Ruth Harriet Louise photographed celebrities to glamourise their stature. During World War II pin-up pictures […]

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Wedding ring or wedding band history

A wedding ring or wedding band consists of a precious metal ring, in some countries (USA, UK) worn on the base of the left ring finger – the fourth finger (counting from the thumb) of the left hand. In other parts of the world, it is worn on the right ring finger (e.g. Bulgaria, Norway, […]

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Same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage is a term for a legally, socially and/or religiously recognized marriage in which two people of the same sex live together as a family. Other terms for this type of relationship include “gay marriage”, “gender-neutral marriage”, “equal marriage”, “lesbian marriage”, “homosexual marriage”, “single-sex marriage” and “same-gender marriage”.
Same-gender romantic love or sexual desire has […]

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Wedding invitation definition

A wedding invitation is a letter asking the recipient to attend a wedding. It is typically mailed four to six weeks before the wedding date. Wedding invitations may be printed using one of the following methods: engraving, lithography, thermography, letterpress printing and sometimes blind embossing. They can also be ordered from an artist specializing in […]

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Hawaii and Caribbean Weddings!

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding day filled with romance and happiness and this has led to an increase in Caribbean weddings. The lure of the tropical climate, sun, sand and picturesque surroundings are hard to beat.
There are a number of different islands where Caribbean weddings are held, including Jamaica, The […]

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To Match or Not To Match Your Wedding Rings

If you look in any jewelers the choice of wedding rings can seem bewildering
There are sets of matching wedding rings made from almost any precious metal and can be as elaborate or simple as your heart desires.
However, there is no written rule that states that the bride and groom should have matching wedding rings.
Many brides […]

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