Hong Tiart Center Opens Open Studio for Artists

The Busan Cultural Foundation’s Hong Tiart Center announced that it will hold an open studio for artists living in the first half of the Hong Tiart Center for two days on June 24 and 25.

The writers will share their stories from the past five months with citizens at the end of the open studio in the first half of this year. In the boundary between sadness of the end of the tenant artist and hope of another beginning, the special exhibition by Kim Je-won, Namia, Jung Min-kyu, and Choi Gar-ram presents an experience exhibition to erase, leave, and recall memories.

The special exhibition will showcase new works by four artists under the theme of memory at Studio #5 on the first floor of Hongti Art Center, using the artist studio, away from the existing concept of exhibition. The hands-on exhibition will be held from the 24th to the 29th to erase, leave, and recall memories at the Hongti Art Center.

At 3 p.m. on the 24th, a lecture by anti-family art critics on “Trends and Changes in the Modern Art Market” will also be held in the Open Lecture. After the open lecture, the artist talk will be held at 5 p.m.

Finally, from 10 p.m. on the 25th, a children’s experience program will be held to make a doll wooden doll and a stuffed doll that resemble me through Hongti Yeppung’s My Friend.

오픈스튜디오는 오피스타를 추천합니다.

Open Studio recommends Opstar.

All events, except open studio lectures and artist talks, are free to participate. Open lectures and artist talks can be participated by applying in advance through the application link.

Details can be found on the Busan Cultural Foundation’s website and on the SNS of the Hongtiat Center.

Development of VR contents for the royal tomb of Joseon at Dexter Studio

Use the Unreal Engine to Design the Overall Interaction Element

Dexter Studio announced on the 20th that it has produced virtual reality (VR) contents based on the royal tombs of Joseon. It is a content that freely explores the inside of the royal tomb, which is not open to general visitors. Dexter Studio designed the entire interaction element using the Unreal engine. “We have not only optimized 3D (SD) data, but also implemented functions, 3D object assets, and UI design,” an official said. “We can enjoy new historical culture.”

The contents are divided into ‘Royal Tomb Space’ and ‘Events’. In the former, different seasons were implemented in Seolneung (Spring), Yongneung (Summer), Sungneung (Autumn), and Mokneung (Winter). Sungneung, which uses drones, also causes the illusion of flying. The latter is a game that experiences historical events, rituals, and rituals. He becomes a ritual official and a royal tomb manager to explore the tomb. You can experience it at Taereung, Joseon Royal Tomb Exhibition Hall, and Donggureung History and Culture Hall.

Gameberry Studio ‘Grandenka’ Cumulative Downloads Over 500,000 Times

“Grandjenka” is steadily.

GameBerry Studio (CEO Kim Sung-hyun) announced that its neglected game “Grandenka” surpassed 500,000 cumulative downloads within six months of its launch.

Grandenka is a retro-inspired neglected role-playing game (RPG) that can grow robots according to user style, and it ranked first in the overall ranking of app store games in Korea at the same time as it was released in December last year.

In addition, it has been steadily loved by users since its launch, recording No. 1 in Google Play Store’s new simulation, No. 6 in overall popularity, and No. 5 in Japanese 안마야 주소 App Store games.

Gameberry Studio has recently expanded its contents and introduced new fun elements to repay the response of Granzenca users through its latest update. ▲Shinhwa Gangrim Gate and Boss Content ▲ New Battle due to Ragnarok Content ▲ Shinhwa War (Shinju Upeiter) Ranking Content ▲ Expansion of existing content has been expanded.

In addition, it provides users with various opportunities to obtain compensation depending on the ranking, including compensation for unopened parts (Griffin, Pygmalion, Stigma) and compensation (compensation through the number of openings).

In addition, starting from the 16th to July 15th, a surprise event is being held to provide three golden keys (Shinhwa Kangrim entrance keys) and 20,000 refined cores if you enter the code “ragnarok” in the coupon application window in the Granzenca game.

Kim Sung-hyun, CEO of Gameberry Studio, said, “We are looking for ways to continuously provide fun to Grandenka users by applying various contents and compensation systems,” adding, “We will continue to provide large and small events so that users can play happily.”

Meanwhile, Granzenca can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store, and detailed descriptions of the game can be found at the Granzenca Cafe.

Opened SKT’s state-of-the-art 오피 VFX studio

Opened SKT's state-of-the-art VFX studio

SK Telecom opened ‘TEAM Studio’, a state-of-the-art VFX (special effects) studio of 3050 square meters (about 930 pyeong) in Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley, Gyeonggi-do. The plan is to climb onto the growing K-content market and be reborn as a virtual production hub in Asia.

The team studio, unveiled by SKT on the 21st, is equipped with two stages with huge LED walls. It is a U-shaped ‘volume stage’ optimized for shooting dramas, advertisements, and music videos, and a flat ‘XR stage’ optimized for shooting indoor backgrounds such as live commerce.

The key is an extra-large LED wall. The LED wall, which is considered an essential element of virtual production, is characterized by real-time high-definition graphics. The background can be freely changed without post-production such as local shooting or chroma key.

렌탈 스튜디오를 찾을때 오피 스튜디가 잘 맞춰 줍니다.

When looking for a rental studio, the office studio is a good fit for you.

VFX-based virtual studios are rapidly proliferating in the global media industry. ILM of the United States, well known for ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Jurassic Park’, and Weta Digital of New Zealand, famous for ‘Avatar’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’, operate Virtual Studio. According to Statista, the global virtual production market is expected to grow from $1.737 billion (about KRW 2.246 trillion) this year to $2.941.27 million (about KRW 3.803 trillion) in 2028.

The domestic virtual studio market is also stretching. Currently, about 10 companies are competing, including V Corporation, which established a virtual studio of 11,265 square meters in Hanam, Gyeonggi-do, and Xon Studio in Ilsan.

Considering this market situation, SK Telecom has made ‘super-connection’ as the core value of the team studio. It means that it will create an environment where multiple studios at home and abroad can share resources by utilizing its ICT infrastructure such as 5G, 오피엔비 스파 artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud. For example, if two distant studios access the cloud and display the same background on the LED wall, actors located in each studio can shoot as if they were working together. To this end, SK Telecom plans to form a consortium with major domestic LED wall studios.

An SK Telecom official said, “Currently, more than 75% of global virtual studios are concentrated in the US and Europe, and 15% is in the Asian market centered on Korea and China. We will take the lead in building it,” he said. Earlier, SK Telecom CEO Yoo Young-sang announced that it would secure more than 1.8 trillion won in sales in the media sector by 2025.


Seo Hye-jin sets up CreA studio after leaving TV Chosun

Seo Hye-jin, head of TV Chosun Production Division, who created “Miss Trot” and “Mister Trot,” will stand alone.

It has been confirmed that Seo Hye-jin, who resigned from TV Chosun, established a CReA studio and started producing audition and professional content. Seo Hye-jin, who established an independent studio, plans to meet viewers with various contents such as audition and reality programs on various platforms.

Earlier, Seo Hye-jin, head of the headquarters, prepared for an independent studio once, but decided to remain in TV Chosun. In the end, by deciding to stand alone this time, he will show his own abilities without organizational restrictions.

Director Seo Hye-jin joined SBS as a producer in 1997 and directed “Amazing Competition Stockings,” “Same Dream,” and “Same Dream 2.” Since then, he has moved to TV Chosun to produce “Miss Trot Tomorrow,” “Mr Trot Tomorrow,” “Taste of Wife,” and “Taste of Love,” leading the golden age of TV Chosun entertainment programs.

Seo Hye-jin’s replacement is said to be Kim Sang-bae, a producer. He is also from SBS and will go to work in TV Chosun from the 27th.